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Key to vacancy 'status'


Available: The school is actively looking for applicants.

Interviewing: The school is in the process of interviewing one or more applicants. Depending on when that date is, they may well be willing to consider other applicants still and add them in. You can email for the very latest update. If they don't fill the course from these interviews, they will consider other candidates and interview again.

Offered: The place has been offered but the candidate has yet to accept the offer.  Further candidates would still be considered if the offer is declined.

Recommended: The school has already recommended a preferred candidate to UCL for the second interview.  The school will not consider further applications at this stage but could do so later if the candidate declines the offer.

Full: No more places available at this school for this subject and the course has been closed on the application portal. 

Closed: The school opened this subject at the start of the year but later closed it before filling the place.